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ORBS offers professional services at competitive prices. We offer yearly contracts to keep your systems up to date and virus free. We are also available at hourly rates.

Tune Up and Maintenance

Keep Everything Working Fast and Virus Free

  • Desktops and laptops
    • Virus and malware removal
    • Error and bluescreen fixes
    • Accessory bug fixes (e.g. Printer troubleshooting)
  • Phone and tablets
    • Data back ups
    • Factory resets
    • Software set up, Maintenance, and Bug fixes
  • WiFi troubleshooting

Hardware Diagnostics

Set Up, Repair, and Maintenance for:

  • Desktops and laptops
    • System checkups, Screen and other part replacements, RAM and SSD upgrades, Accessory repair and replacement, Dust cleanings
  • Phones and tablets
    • Screen, Speaker, Microphone, and Button replacements
    • Charger and cord replacement
    • Accessory set up and replacement (e.g. Tablet keyboards)
  • Network and server part replacement
    • Replacement routers and modems
    • Replacement cords and cables

Hard Drive Back-Up and Recovery

Keep Your Data Safe

  • Create a data back up
  • Attempt to save data from a failing drive
  • Hard drive cloning
  • Hard drive data transfer

Service Pricing

ORBS recommends dropping off and picking up your device(s) from our location to save you TIME and MONEY. We have all necessary tools and software at our location to make diagnostics, setup, and repair as efficient and safe as possible.

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Quality Computer Repair

Worry free service at our location or yours.

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Remote Support Services

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Build a Custom PC

Design a system thats optimized for gaming, video editing, CAD… 

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